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I wrote my most favorite battles that I remember from different animes😆 Tell me if ya know them, too!

(nope, not that one😂)

♤5. Meliodas and the Sins vs. Hendrickson ▪NANATSU NO TAIZAI▪

Meliodas and the other Sins are fighting Hendrickson because he summoned the demon clan and became a demon himself to destroy their kingdom. It was the start of the holy grail war, the biggest fight in the anime. Of course, Meliodas-sama won😍 (btw Meliodas was also a demon so the fight between two demons is pretty intense😏)

I was on the protagonists' side, obviously. Especially when Meliodas transformed into a demon, I was like 'BEAT HIM UP WAAAAAH!'

Yeah, like that😏

♤4. The war versus Al Thamen ▪MAGI▪

Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana, together with the Kou empire, Reim empire, Magnostadt, and the 7 Seas Alliance, fought altogether to stop the plan of Al Thamen. This organization was trying to destroy the world like how they did on King Solomon's era, but unfortunately for them, the people of the white rukh (good) won😇.

I think the spotlight was on Sinbad😍, since he was the one who REALLY defeated the ring leader. It does make sense, he is the strongest character there after all😏

And I really like that part where everyone joined their powers and connected it to Sinbad, it was the best team work I have ever seen in anime history🙄

♤3. The Benizakura Arc (Gintoki vs. Okada Nizou) ▪GinTama▪

This arc is about a magical sword who brings misfortune to its holder and "posseses" them. Nizou was the rebel who kills strong people to test the Benizakura.

One of the people he killed was my dear Katsura😭 When the Odd Jobs learned that Katsura was missing, they searched for him.

Well, Gintoki ended up defeating Nizou after a REALLY bloody fight (I mean, Nizou has the Benizakura with him). I'd say my heart was going doki-doki while cheering for Gin-san😏


♤2. Yona vs. Kumji ▪Akatsuki no Yona▪

This one really got me. Yona, the dragons and the pirates decided to defeat Kumji, the person who abducts the ladies in Awa and sells them. Now, why did I put the spotlight on Yona instead of the dragons?

Because even though she's a weak girl who can't really do anything special, she did her best to help. I mean, she was once a sheltered princess but she volunteered to infilter the ship, knowing that she might get killed.

And the last part! When she was really angry after she saw Jaeha getting shot, she killed Kumji with an arrow, without hesitation. I'd say that was really awesome for her.

That's what made me love her and cheer for her😍

♤1. Kondo's snot vs. Joui rebels ▪GinTama▪

I think this is the best anime fight ever seen in anime. I mean, wouldn't you agree with me when you see snots sword-fighting?

Leviathan (right nostril) and Bahamut (left nostril) were fighting with Hijikata-kun because they were on a raid to catch the Joui rebels. Who would have thought that they will defeat all of them? These snots are really awesome. I was on their side all the time (conscience: Liar!)

The reason this is my top 1 is because I could never forget about it. Too bad I can't find the gif where the snots clash swords.

... Just kidding. Here's my number 1.

♤1. Conan vs. Black Organization ▪Detective Conan▪

The protagonist always wins, but the fight between a kid and an organization is pretty intense too, ya know?😣 I'll take the Movie 13 (The Raven Chaser) as an example.

Conan was solving a chain of murder on his own. When he was finished, a Black Organization member in disguise attacked him. That guy, Irish, knew about his true identity. They tried to silence each other.

But the organization itself killed Irish, to silence him. When they saw that there was someone who saw them (which is Conan), the snipers tried to shoot him WITH A MACHINE GUN. FROM A HELICOPTER. AARGH THAT WAS REALLY AWESOME, YA KNOW? I MEAN, I WAS THINKING THAT CONAN WILL DIE BECAUSE IT'S A MACHINE GUN WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!!

But he escaped😏 Conan is wonderful😏 Watch DC😏
That's all. Hope ya havin' a good'ay.



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