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I love battles! This time I chose not only the battles that I liked the most but also the ones from which I think we can learn something valuable. There may be more of this type of battles but we are supposed to choose our TOP 5.
So, here they are!
👊🏻One Piece👊🏻
💥Roronoa Zoro vs Dracule Mihawk💥
The reason for this battle is the rivalry of two swordsmen. Mihawk is the best swordsman in One Piece and Zoro is determined to surpass him. In fact, Zoro's life goal is to become the best swordsman and that is why he defies Mihawk as soon as he sees him (he also promised a childhood friend to surpass all swordsmen when he was a kid learning the Santoryu fighting style).
This battle occurred in the first episodes of One Piece when Luffy was trying to recruit his cook Sanji. Zoro was already strong and skilled since he had trained for many years. In spite of this, Mihawk showed Zoro what means to be the number one swordsman and defeated him easily. At first Mihawk used a knife and then he took Zoro more seriously when he noticed he was a good and determined opponent.
I was on Zoro's side because he is one my favorite One Piece characters so I was a bit sad when he lost. However, I think that by loosing this fight he learnt a good lesson and found even more motivation to improve his fighting skills and strength. After that day he trained more than ever and came with new and awesome attacks.
On that day Zoro made a promise to his captain. He said he would never lose again and that he would become the best swordsman. This moment was really moving and it was one of the few times I saw my hero crying. Now he has become a powerful swordsman and I am very proud of him.
👊🏻Fullmetal Alchemist👊🏻
💥Edward Elrich vs Greed💥
The reason for the battle was that Greed kidnapped Alphonse, Edward's brother. The homunculus wants to obtain information about soul transmutation and be truly immortal. Besides, Edward is trying to find out the secrets behind the Philosopher's Stone to recover Alphonse's body as well as his arm and leg and, as a result, he has all the homunculus as his enemies.
Greed has an ultimate shield form that allows him to avoid all type of damage to his body and that makes him apparently invincible. However, Edward finds out the secret behind this shield: Greed rearranges the carbon atoms in his body and in this way he can make his skin as hard as diamond. After Edward knows that, the battle that seemed impossible to win is now a piece of cake. His alchemy and continuous attacks damage Greed's body and he finally pierces Greed's heart and wins the battle.
I was on Edward's side because he is the main character and I wanted him and his brother to recover what they lost due to the forbidden human transmutation they tried in the past. I think this was an interesting type of battle and the turning point was Edward's alchemic knowledge and not his strength or other special ability. I also liked the fact that when Edward's victory is clear Greed reveals him the secret to weaken homunculi which is of great importance in the following battles.
💥Ichigo vs Hollow Ichigo💥
This battle is quite complex because it is not only one but we can see different encounters in the anime/manga. Perhaps we could think of it as a long and maybe endless battle through the whole series. The battle's aim is to see who is going to have the control: Ichigo Kurosaki or his inner hollow? I think here the battle is sort of Ichigo against himself because the hollow is part of him and one of his sources of power as well. Each of these battles occurs in Ichigo's inner world so there aren't other witnesses.
Hollow Ichigo is arrogant, confident and quite insane. He is supposed to represent Ichigo's purest instincts and says that he is like a horse while Ichigo is the king. Despite this he won't accept a weak king and is always ready to take control of Ichigo's body if he has the chance. One of the first times this happened was in the battle against Byakuya Kuchiki when Ichigo just got his bankai and his opponent was really strong. When the hollow controlled his body a mask started to form and Byakuya had a difficult time.
Hollow Ichigo takes control over Kurosaki Ichigo's body every time he is about to die because of a very strong enemy. He doesn't want Ichigo to die because if that happens he will die too. That's why in the Ulquiorra - Ichigo battle when the powerful arrancar apparently kills Ichigo his hollow awakens and the fight becomes really violent and epic. I am so glad he intervenes but at the same time I am sad Ulquiorra dies because he is one of my favorite characters.
After Hollow Ichigo "has some fun" Kurosaki Ichigo manages to keep him under control again and realizes all the damage his hollow side can make. I've noticed Ichigo hates it when his inner hollow uses his body to fight because he feels as if he isn't winning the battle on his own. I think every time Ichigo regains the control he is the winner, plus all the encounters with his hollow in his inner world have made him stronger. I don't hate his hollow but I will always support the Kurosaki Ichigo I met at the beginning of the series; this gentle guy who cares about his family and friends and is ready to protect them at any cost.
💥Gaara vs Rock Lee💥
The reason for the fight is the Chunin exams where Rock Lee is matched against Gaara so this isn't the usual "enemies" type of battle. The aim here is to pass the different stages of the exam and become a chunin and, by this, be able to take all kind of missions assigned in the C or B ranks. Anyway I think this is one of the best battles in NARUTO (yeah, let's make it clear I am not talking about Naruto Shippuden)
The winner was Gaara, which was what most of people expected I guess. However, Rock Lee didn't go easy on him and at certain points I really thought Lee was going to win. I was really excited when I watched this battle because I knew Lee could only fight by attacking with Taiyutsu (body techniques) since he has no talent for Ninjutsu (ninja techniques) or Genjutsu (illusionary techniques). I thought Rock Lee could be a weak opponent and that he wouldn't be able to even touch Gaara but his attacks were awesome and very powerful that I was speechless and I wanted him to win so badly.
There is this part of the battle when Lee is getting tired of this attacks being easily blocked by Gaara's sand and he removes the leg weights he always carries with him. Everybody thought that was a useless thing to do but when the leg weights fall to the ground from certain height they made a huge explosion (my jaw dropped at that moment, I am serious). Then all were like "OMG!! For real? He always walks and fights with such weight on his legs??"
After that, Lee's speeds increases and he bypasses the speed of Gaara's shield of sand. When he is finally able to hit Gaara we discover his opponent's body is actually coated in sand (I felt that was like cheating LOL!) and that means defeating Gaara was extremely difficult indeed.
The other epic part of this battle is when Gaara opens five of the "Eight Gates" and that makes his chackra levels, speed and strength increase tremendously. That is when I had some hope he could win but Gaara doesn't give up and he uses the Sand Coffin attack to break one of Lee's arms and legs... That was so cruel and caused Lee to be unable to fight for a long time.
👊🏻Boku no Hero Academia👊🏻
💥Izuku Midoriya vs ShotoTodoroki💥
The reason for the battle is the Sports Festival fighting tournament organized by the U.A. Hero Academy. However, Todoroki being the son of Endeavor, the number 2 hero, noticed Midoriya has a special connection with All Might, the number 1 hero and Peace Sign, and he is determined to surpass his U.A. classmate. Behind this "extra" reason we know Todoroki's father wants his son to surpass All Might and he has trained him for that since he was a kid.
The winner was Shoto Todoroki but I feel Izuku helped him to win. Todoroki has the awesome quirk "Half Cold Half Hot" but he rejects his fire powers because he hates his father. Izuku gets angry with his opponent and says he wouldn't allow someone using half of his strength to win the fight because he as well as the rest of the U.A students were giving their all in the tournament. Izuku also makes Todoroki open his eyes and realize that even though he may hate his father that fire power is running in his veins and is part of him so it is nonsense to reject it.
Otherwise I believe Midoriya could have won because Todoroki was overusing his ice powers since previous encounters in the tournament. Honestly, I wanted Midoriya to win because I know all the effort he made and what he went through to get to the U.A. Hero Academy and I also understand his desire to be a good hero like his role model and mentor All Might.
The battle has really cool parts such as when Midoriya uses One For All on his fingers to avoid much damage on his body and he causes shockwaves of wind pressure that destroy the ice attacks Todoroki sends. I believe Midoriya is very clever and even though he can't completely control the damage his quirk has on his body he knows how to use is offensively and defensively. I was surprised when all his fingers were much damaged and he used one of his cheeks to make and attack (his creativity always surprises me).👀
Now, considering Todoroki, his ice attacks were strong and amazing all the time but the best part was when he finally started to enjoy the fight and decided to use his fire powers as well.
By doing this he could also use his ice powers to a greater extent and the last attack against Midoriya's tremendous smash made a huge explosion that made we wonder who the winner was. When the dust in the sort of arena finally cleared we see that Midoriya is outside of the limits so that makes Todoroki the winner (Midoriya was unconscious anyway).
So, at first I mentioned some life lessons... Let me briefly tell you something I got from each of these battles. This is just my point of view.
1- Midoriya 👊🏻 Todoroki: You need to love and accept yourself. When you want to achieve something you need to give your best.
2- Gaara 👊🏻 Rock Lee: Don’t let others tell you what you are capable of or put you limits. You need to trust yourself and make an effort. Don’t give up because you are different or can’t do the same as others.
3- Ichigo 👊🏻 Hollow Ichigo: You need to know yourself and be true to what you believe. Don’t let your emotions control everything you do.
4- Edward 👊🏻 Greed: Sometimes things are achieved by being smart instead of acting in a rush. Always think before you act.
5- Zoro 👊🏻 Mihawk: Some of the best lessons are learnt when we try and make mistakes. What is important is to never give up.
I hope you enjoyed this👍🏻
Tell me what you think about these battles
See you next post!🤗

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