Guilty of thoughts (How perverted Are you?) 😂😂😂

By Anime lover2017-11-03 09:27

Hiyaa,fan girl sensei is here.Thank you for the flowers 🌷🌹🥀 *bows*Today we are taking a test,this should be fun,if not that's a shame 😏.

1) When you saw the gif above,how did you feel?
a) Kyaaa 😍😍😍
b) Bathump Bathump *heart skipping beat*
c) Wahhhhhhhh *screaming loud*
d) You just want to share a bed with him right now ( you can sleep haha 😇😇😉😉)
Me: *fainted*
Fangirl sensei *splashes water on her* 💦💦💦
Me: Woah I'm awake 😆 that was refreshing 🤣.I choose D as in Duck 😇 I'm very innocent i swear XD.

2) When you see the picture above,where are you looking?
a) The shota 😍😍😍😍
b) The left
c) The right
d) In the middle 😂😂😂(i don't judge,it's fine)
Me: Shota kun ❤💛💙 Hunny,sugar,sweet heart darling of course who else!!! Besides i don't like boing boing they are too bouncy 😜.

3) Do you want him to take his shirt off?
a) Yes 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
b) It's not like i care or anything baka 😋(tsundere)
c) Strip or else I'll make you 😘😘😘
Me: Ha ha ha...sensei you know that answer,i promise usui takumi I'll be gentle 😶😶😶(ayu don't get jealous)

4) Will you take them home with you?(they are lolis)
a) Yes,they are kawaii and i wanna help them out 😗😍
b) Nah, couldn't care less 😝.
c) fufufu...yes they will enter my house and be trapped inside FOREVER
Me: Meh,idc (  ̄っ ̄)ムゥ I don't want to get arrested by the police for them.

5) What will you do now if you're next to him?
a) Jump and take his robe of(with a lot of action)
b) Pretend to be his dog(Just to get hugged or held)
c) Kiss kiss fall in love 😙😙😙
Me: I'll do all,but I'm pretty sure it's going to be onesided love and he will reject me 😢😢😭😭 cause he likes yuri. (BUT IT'S OKAY 👌 WE are Born To Ship VICTURII)

Fangirl Sensei: Ugh I'm bored asking questions.So I'll start ranting about victurii now 😍😍.They look drunk in the picture.Are they going home next? *Gasp* A h..h...hotel!!?? 😲😲😲.*Raises victurii flag* Don't stop back now the moment of dreams, we are born to ship VICTURII 💗💗💗.They will make it happen they will enjoy themselves,we are forever with Victurii 😉😶😏.

6) What do you want?
a) Talk and be friends with her.
b) Watch her eat ice~cream 🍧🍨🍦😉
c) Take her somewhere 😄😂😁
Me: I wanna steal her purse! So i can have all the money 😏🤑😏😏. Imma be rich one day!
Fangirl Sensei: I'm not going to support you in jail 😋
Me: (T^T) All i wanted was the money.
Fangirl Sensei: Earn it #Work for it don't steal
Me: Bleh 😜 boooring. Idc anymore 😞😞

7) What will you say to him?
a) Boyee the moment i saw you i fell in love 😍😍😍😍
b) Will you marry me? I'll wait until you're 18 😂😂😂.
c) Are you lost? Come with me, I'll take you to a nice place 😏😏😏.
Me: I'll play safe on this one lmao. I'll wait until he reaches a proper age (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)♡

8) How do you feel?
a) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *screaming continues*
b) *nose bleed* *nose bleed* Need blood from too much blood loss.
c) YAS! YAS!! It's perfect!!! 💕💞💓💖.*cheering costumes on* Haru haru haru haru makoto* *maki maki maki maki maki (haruki)(it's a cheer geez,don't cringe 😛😌)
Me: All of the above *amen*

9) She just came to your house 🏠🏡
a) Konichiwa,would you like some tea?
b) Aim for a hug (〃∀〃)ゞ
c) Show her your bedroom (um..cause you freshly painted it yah 😂😂)
Me: Hug (*・∀・*)V
Fangirl Sensei: Really?
Me: Yeah,i like hugs. It makes me feel the warmth of that person.
Fangirl sensei: okie ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ ) that's cute.

10) What do you look for the person you want to love?
a) Appearance
b) Personality
c) How much he/she love you
Me: That's deep,I'll only want to love that person not on his appearance or personality,but for who he is.
Fangirl Sensei: That sounded mature 🤗
Me: Ikr! It's my turning seventeen years old effect 😊.

Thanks for reading,this test was for both boys and girls.Did you notice the type of questions? I did that cause i know that i have some boys in here XD I'll let you decide who is a pervert 😏. I am proud to be um...myself 😏😏😏.

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