💕 💌💍How do you wanna be proposed?💍💌 💕

By SriyaScarlet2017-11-05 14:35

All anime proposals are soo dream like~
Have you ever thought that?

Thoughts like" I wish I had a lover who would propose to me like this" 💙💚💛💚💙

Well I sure felt like that a lot of times💞 (Although there are rejections in anime too and it's kinda sad but let's just talk about the bright side for now❣)

Hmm So in this post I'll ask you 2 Questions ...Answer them down in comments Okie? 💜 Cause I wanna know~
(I also added really cute and fun pictures ...I'm sure you would love them💓)

😍Okie so my first Question !!😍

Would you rather propose Or be proposed to ?

~As for me... I actually can't choose... the fact that it would be a fairy tale love story if my crush would propose to me (it is dreamy😗)
But at the same time i would feel really great if I ended up being accepted after gathering all the courage and proposing. (That would be wow!!😆)

So what would you choose??

Next up ways of getting proposed to / propose.
Choose one ok ? But if you like other ways too ...you can add them up too 😆

~But Remember ... I'm only writing about the dreamy perfect ways😫 Cause I wanna 😜😁 !!~


Call the person out for a date !! (it's up to you to mention if it's a date or not {preferably mention} and propose) As for the locations there would be soo many!!!
~Amusement park
~Dinner Date (cause night is beautiful)
~Off to their favorite place
~Into the woods (I love nature)
~On a holiday to a lovely place together
~Or maybe at the house itself.

#2 Gift them what they love 🐻🐹🐻

Surprises are lovely and receiving a gift would probably make me happy. The you who is wrapped in a ribbon or a teddy bear. I would take you both😂. Which surprise gift would you want?~

#3 Do it your way !

The best way for the proposal to work out ...is to be able to present yourself how you would be around them. Having your own way of proposing is a great thing ! I feel it is wonderful to impress your person by doing things only you can do and only for them.

#4 Be straight forward !!

It's good to be straight forward but you need to build up a base for your love else your straight forwardness would be for nothing ..😂Saying it bluntly is also a great way actually.

Here is one more "let's get married" pic

Levi x Eren 💛💜💛 I ship emm 😍😍

#5 Indirect way but you mean it !~way !!!

Not saying "marry me" or "I love you" but saying words which end up having the same meaning ! Like how Victor said in the above picture.

Or maybe like Kirito in the picture below..

#6 The perfect timing !

Go choose the right festive time !! Be it Christmas or Halloween or New year ~ Do the things what you idealize on a perfect date and make an opening for other such dates by ending this one with a love proposal 😘

#7 Be the poet !

Express how much you love that person by using your skills and effort.
Good with words? Spin them into a sweet love letter.
Good with arts? Draw them and say they are your world
Good with music? Write your feelings song
Good with blogging etc? Do it the Anime Sama Way😋

Smarty pants? use your skills to win their heart !!

#8 Others?
Well you say 😆 Cause these are all that I have in my mind now ... if I remember anymore ... I'll post them later😘

Here are few more pictures
#1 Proposing the Fairy Tail way !!

#2 The ring is always the best option ~

#3 Uhh! This throne is lonely ... I want you princess💕

#4 We want your last name to be changed 💜

#5 Maths says I 💜 U too !!~

#6 Words aren't enough .... action is required ~


"So truee"

"me too"

"Give me my proposal card already ~ I know you made that for me!!"

"Gray sama propose to me"

"I'm dying of nosebleeds"

The end ~
Thanks for reading~
Comment down the way you want to be proposed 😘

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