Where are you?

By Macbeth2017-11-12 12:36

Dedicated to Kimi no Na wa.

When did it start I dont know
things changed as you walked in
It never came into my notice
yet now it did.
I never thought I'd like you
love was an even foreign concept
You were from a distant past
but now you're here.
When did it happen?
My heart and soul yearned for you
hence I came over to you
But you were long gone.
You were just a mirage
from some distant past
a Comet of luck took you away
the bare end of the red string.

But my heart is in denial
my mind aint playing these tricks
our memories were true
I seek to find you.
A little key from the memory
took me back to you
preventing an impending doom
my Thougts were crystal clear.
Then we met at the twilight
a fleeting memory of your voice
I hold on to you, not letting go
But it was just a memory.
Now my mind is blank.
Yet my heart earns for something...
It feels so empty and bare,
Where are you, my precious angel?

Kimi no Na wa is an amazing movie. It's about a country girl from Itomori , Mitsuha and a boy from Tokyo, Taki swapping bodies. It's funny at first but then the red twine of fate entangles them and drag them on an amazing yet sad adventure as Taki goes to save Mitsuha from her own demise. I shouldn't say more. It's a really good movie. Maybe I'll write a review later.

For now hope this poem can convey their love to you . I've written it from Taki's pov. Do make some time to watch it though. Trust me, it's worth the watch.

Thank you for reading
Peace Out 💙

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